Work (created between 2005-2010)  in my showreel (non chronological):


-Shots from “Only Us”, teaser
-A shot from “The Tower That…”, complete short
-The lion was a test, to see if a 2d image (created by Tween Studios) could be translated into 3D. Two tests
-The iron bird model was something I made in my free time
-The painted city was made for an illustration class at the academy

3D combined with live action:

-A shot from “Druivenpitjes”, complete short
-Shots from “Da Capo”, a short that never got a soundtrack. (The fly and the man are from this)

3D and motion capture:

-Shots from “Chronos”, a short. Test shot
The clock models were also created for this project

3D realtime:

-All 3 ships in the showreel were created at Ivory Lake and captured in their model viewer